This regionis one of Hungary's first-class red-wine producing areas.

In Villány the white-wine production is subordinate, it is concentrated more to the surroundings of Siklós. The Villány wine region lays upon the southern and eastern slopes of the Villány mountains.


The glory of the thousand years old Tokaj viticulture is underlined by the fact, that no wine market may have a reputation in the world, without offering a selection of Tokaj wines. There is a proverb since the Middle Ages: the Tokaj wine is "the wine of the kings, the king of the wines" ("Vinum regnum - rex winorum").


Badacsony is a well known wine area in Hungary

The wine region of Badacsony is located in central Transdanubia, on the Northern shores of Lake Balaton, around mount Badacsony. Its area is approximately 1600 hectares.

Eger wine area


is a Hungarian wine region in North-Eastern Hungary.